Wednesday, 26 October 2011


A place that I love to visit
A place that I love t visit is JAPAN. In my opinion, Asia is one of the most interesting continents of the world.Since I was little, I have heard about Japan, basically because my brother is a huge fan of that country and little by little I get immersed with their way of they think.  Japan is one of the asia country. I’ve set to my mind that one day I will go there with my family. I will make sure that my dreams come into reality.
Why I want to go there? It is because I love the way they life and the way they think. Japan is the most clean country. People there care about their environment. In Japan, there is no pollution. I can get fresh air by being there. It is suitable for the person who want to release their tension.
Next, the Japanies have the first class of thinking. they have the sense of creative and innovative. They will create a new product and the product will be commercial. Many thing that they have create then the product will be exported to our country. Not only that, most of the technology now was create by the Japanies.
I love the situation there because there is no traffic jamn. This is because people in Japan use to cycle or walking to the workplace, school and the others. This will decrease the harmful fumes from vehicle. There is no air pollution.
As a conclusion, Japan is one of the country that Malaysian people should visit. Learn on how they think is the best way to change our way of thinking. we should be the first class thinkers like them so that we can develop our country until it standing in the eye of the world.

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